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karuizawa-1960-52 year old-#5627

£1,000,000 - £1,400,000

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Karuizawa-1960-52 year old-#5627 Bottled 20th December 2012 by Karuizawa Ex-Whisky Master Mr. Uchibori Osami. Distilled at Karuizawa Distillery. Hand cut main & strip label with inkjet printing quality, accompanied by a Guarantee Certificate issued by Mr. O. Uchibori. In original carton. Good labelling. 蒸餾於輕井澤酒廠,2012年12月20日由前首席釀酒師內堀修省先生親自裝瓶。 酒標及副標均為手工製作,屬噴墨列印,附有由內堀修省先生出具的保證書。 700ml. Single Malt., 58.3% volume. 1 bottle