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refill european sherry hogshead cask from macallan distiller

£3,600,000 - £4,600,000

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Refill European Sherry Hogshead Cask from Macallan Distillery Distilled 3rd May 1989 at Macallan Distillery. Cask no. 6980. Yielded 261 bottles. Cask is currently stored at warehouse # MA 54 at Macallan Distillery in Easter Elchies, Craigellachie, Transfer of ownership will come directly from Macallan. Name cask has been stored in Macallan Distillery and never been moved since, Perfect provenance and the title will be issued directly from Macallan. Cask can be stored as long as customer wishes at Macallan, total freedom on bottling and packaging by Independent Bottler. Buyer will receive his own account with/at Macallan. Casks can be either registered in a company or private. About 250.- GBP rent and insurance per year per cask, Rental and insurance charges to be directly charged from Macallan. 1989年5月3日在麥卡倫酒廠蒸餾 酒桶6980號,可得261瓶佳釀。木桶現時儲存在克萊拉奇麥卡倫酒廠精神莊園酒倉#MA 54,所有權將由麥卡倫直接轉移。 該桶酒一直存放在麥卡倫酒廠,並從未移動過。完美的產地,酒名將由麥卡倫直接印發。 酒桶可根據客戶意願一直在麥卡倫酒廠裡存放,並可自由選擇獨立裝瓶商裝瓶及包裝。 買家將收到麥卡倫的專戶,並可以公司或私人名義註冊。 每桶酒每年的存放及保險費約250英鎊,並會由麥卡倫直接收取。 Single Malt., Current abv. 45.88% volume. One Cask